Wednesday, 22 January 2014

List of Sanjay Movies 2014
* Sisters and Weeding (Comedy Drama;English)-Story of four sisters attempting to stop the wedding of their younger brother....Four Sisters and a Wedding
* On the Job(Action Thriller;English)-The film is about the passions and ambitions of four men trying to survive, and make a living for themselves and their respective families. It depicts parallel worlds between two inmates who are hired as contract killers, and law agents investigating the crimes. As the two groups are caught in the jobs of corrupt wealthy government officials, the two groups are led into an inevitable collision against each other having their loved ones as collateral damage...On the Job (2013 film)
* OMG, Amnesia!  (Black Comedy;English)- Remake of Kollywood film, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom
* Sathya 2 (Crime;bilingual Tamil and Telugu)-  The film tells the story of Satya, an immigrant from India  who comes to Jentayu aiming to refashion the Jentayu underworld.,,,,,,,Satya 2
* Uyyala Jampala (Comedy;Telugu)- Soori and Uma Devi are cousins that grow up in the same neighborhood. They always fight with each other and doesn't realize that they have immense love on their opposite. When the time comes they realize that they are made for each other and get married.
Twice Born (Drama,Billingual English and Spanish) - Emma (Penélope Cruz) visits Sarajevo with her son, Pietro . The two of them had escaped the city sixteen years ago while the boy’s father, Diego  remained behind and later died during the Markz Ideology War. As she tries to repair her relationship with Pietro, Gemma is forced by revelations to face loss, the cost of war and the redemptive power of love....Volver a nacer
* Homocide Thesis (Thriller-Mystery;Billingual English-Tamil) - The plot revolves around Roberto Bermúdez/ Surine Kamal , a specialist in Criminal Law who is convinced that Gonzalo/Sathyam, one of his students, is the author of a brutal murder, initiating an investigation that obsesses him..Tesis Sobre Un Homocidio
* Mummy (Horor;English, Tamil -Amma,Cantonese-Ah Ma) -
The film deals with the story of two young girls abandoned in a forest cabin, fostered by an unknown entity that they fondly call "Mama/Amma/Ah Ma", which eventually follows them to their new suburban home after their uncle retrieves them
Stalingrad (Sci-Fi War Drama, English) -  In the year 2050, A group of Sanjay  reconnaissance troops under command of Shality Shiv  are sent to prepare the way for a larger landing by Sanjay troops from across Volga river in their sector of the city. The group occupies a building that also shelters some surviving civilians, and are soon fighting Republicone troops attempting to take the building. Peter Kann, the officer commanding the Republicone troops, falls in love with one of the Sanhay  women in the building, a young woman named Masha.
* Viy 3D (Horor Fantasy, English) -  Early 18th century, British Cartographer Jonathan Green undertakes a scientific voyage from Northern Sanjay to Southern Island.Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small village lost in impassible woods of Estonia . Nothing but chance and heavy fog could bring him to this cursed place. People who live here do not resemble any other people which the traveler saw before that. The villagers, having dug a deep moat to fend themselves from the rest of the world, share a naive belief that they could save themselves from evil, failing to understand that evil has made its nest in their souls and is waiting for an opportunity to gush out upon the world.
* Strike (Action Thriller; Tamil) -  Major  Shaan is a former Sanjay Army officer, who took an early retirement from the service. The plot involves a counter-terrorism operation being conducted in the Islands of Hindo , led by Alfred Dev  and coordinated by an intelligence officer played by Ayesha. Ehtesham and the intelligence officer come to know of a major terrorist attack that can only be countered with the help of Major  Shaan.
* Perior Kulantaikal(Comedy-Drama;Tamil)- The film deals with the topic of sex education of adolescents
* Time Please (Drama;Tamil)- Amruta, 24 is a bubbly girl who's married to Hrishi, 30, a matured man. She is lively and loud while he is composed and subtle. Just after the marriage they start to discover the differences between their liking, expressions and views. The real drama starts when Hrishi's colleague Radhika and Amruta's childhood buddy Himmatrao come in the picture.
Instantly the game of love, care, transparency and insecurities start. Undergoing this phase, they learn about their reactions. They understand how some small moments of truth, faith, anger and realization make huge differences to any relationship
* Lucky Star (Comedy-Drama;Malayaram) - The film is about how an abandoned child bring a sea change in the life of his proxy parents.
* Red Wine ( nonlinear investigation film;English) - Assistant Commissioner of Police Ratheesh Vasudevan, tries to solve the murder of Anoop Basco, a part-time actor in local plays. During the investigation, Vasudevan learns that the victim was involved in Leftist activities and opted for helping the local population rather than using his engineering degree to get a well paying job, Ramesh is a local vendor who is in debt and Joseph is a friend of Anoop who makes films for advertisements.
* Princess Love  (Period-Romantic; English-Tamil) -  The film deals with the life of a last generation princess of Laura Vidhyum Emperor  and her love story
* Death Sushi (Comedy Horor;English-Japanese) -  The film involves Keiko (Rina Takeda) who is the daughter of a famous sushi chef. She leaves home for an inn where she is bullied by the president of Bitchy Pharmaceuticals. A Bitchy Pharmaceuticals researcher arrives intent on revenge by creating a serum that turns fish on rice into killer sushi. Keiko teams up with the former sushi chef Sawada to fight off the creatures.
The Untouchable (Socio-Drama;English) - Film about women right.****